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Island Craves

Welcome to Island Craves… We’d like to introduce ourselves and offer you our free app below. Please come join us to eat all the food you can handle and enjoy yourself while surrounded by great company. We look forward to seeing you. 


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Frequently asked questions

Island Craves was a dinner table idea that turned into a passion. We specialize in serving up your favorite craves from your sweet tooth to your belly and everything else in between.  If a plain maple bar barely tickles your craving, try our Bacon Maple Bar, fresh baked daily and topped with real bacon sprinkles to satisfy all your sweet and savory taste buds desire.

We made the App free to everyone for one reason. We want everyone one to enjoy themselves, whether that’s coming in and sit with us or having it delivered.  

For any hiring information, please call us at  (808)-320-3300.